Encrypting texts is similar to enclosing a text into a safe. To enclose the text in the safe, the secret key in field is used for enclosing the Text into the safe.
If you want to encrypt a text, first enter a secret key . The key can be any string. Then enter the text to be encrypted in the input field in the input area. If you do not enter a secret key, "Secure Text" will use an internal secrect key.
Make sure that the symbol is displayed at the right bottom close to the input area and in the output area. This indicates that you want to encrypt a text.
The encrypted text is now displayed in the output area.
To transfer the encrypted text to another app, tap the icon, that copies the encrypted text and it can be pasted into any other app.



If you want to decrypt a text, you will need the secret key with which the text was encrypted. This secret key must be entered in the field.
Make sure that the icon is displayed in the lower right corner of the input area and in the output area. If not, tap the icon to toggle in to the decrypt mode.