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available for IOS and Android

The Satellite Finder app helps you to align your satellite dish based on your current position. The compass with map display gives you additional orientation when aligning the satellite dish.

Compass Pro

With “Compass Pro” you can orientate yourself optimally at your location. You can see the direction of the compass and match it with the satellite image or the map on the compass. That you know exactly where you are you get the street address, the exact GPS coordinates and the current height above sea level displayed. In addition, the position is displayed in What3Words (w3w) coordinates.


available for IOS and Android

A complete catalogue of all worldwide television satellites and a complete catalogue of all worldwide television and radio stations. The app provides all the information you need to set up a TV or radio station on your satellite receiver. You can filter and search by location, satellite, language or by station. The catalog includes 230 satellites, 31225 TV channels, 3746 Radio stations, Filter for 20 different languages..

Multi Plattform App

Multi Platform App is a modular app construction kit for fast and versatile application development without programming knowledge.
Our platform allows anyone to create customised apps without any prior technical knowledge. With a user-friendly designer, pre-built modules, app creation is easier than ever before. Security and privacy are built in, so users can design their own apps in a protected environment.

Red-green blindness

With the app, you will never have any problems distinguishing red and green from each other. Be it in diagrams with red and green elements or on the charger, where red and green lights indicate the state of charge. All you need to do is point the crosshairs to the position where you want to see the color, and the app will reliably tell you if it's red or green.

Password Generator

The app generates absolutely secure passwords. The generated passwords are based on a 256-bit encryption mechanism. Enter a keyword for your password and the app generates an absolutely secure password in conjunction with a master password. Once you have copied the password for reuse, the keyword is added to the list of previously used keywords. The generated passwords are not stored in the app, so it is not possible to steal the passwords.

Mobility Finder

The "Mobility Finder" helps you worldwide find "Points of Interest" (POI) on mobility! No matter where you are on our planet, the app will show you all the facilities / locations for your mobility. Choose your interests quickly and easily:

  • E charging
  • Stops of public transportation
  • Car rental
  • Charsharing
  • Parking spaces / car parks / parking lots
  • Taxi ranks
  • Gas stations
  • Carwash
  • Bicycle sharing / rental
  • Bicycle parking
  • Calculus Pro

    Calculum is the perfect support for mathematical tasks with matrices and vectors. Calculum has no limitation on the matrix and vector dimensions.

    QR Code (Pro)

    With the help of this app, you can scan and evaluate QR codes from the images in your photo library, even if there are multiple QR codes in the image. Simply select an image from your photo library and send it to the QR Scanner (pro) using the "Share" function.

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