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Satellite Finder.

The Satellite Finder app helps you to align your Satellite Dish based on your current position. The compass with the included map guides you to the correct Satellite Dish alignment.

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Map Compass.

The Map Compass gives you perfect orientation in any enviroment. Additionally, the address of your position and the current speed are displayed

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Calculus Pro.

Calculum is the perfect support for mathematical tasks with matrices and vectors. Calculum has no limitation on the matrix and vector dimensions.


Secure Text.

You would like to send secret messages by e-mail, WhatsApp or another app? Secure Text encrypts and decrypts your texts securely and copy them to your App.

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Mobility Finder.

The "Mobility Finder" helps you worldwide find "Points of Interest" (POI) on mobility! No matter where you are on our planet, the app will show you all the facilities / locations for your mobility. Choose your interests quickly and easily:

  • E charging
  • Stops of public transportation
  • Car rental
  • Charsharing
  • Parking spaces / car parks / parking lots
  • Taxi ranks
  • Gas stations
  • Carwash
  • Bicycle sharing / rental
  • Bicycle parking
  • .

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