Everyone who has a red-green color blindness knows this situation:

  • A charger that shows the charging status with red and green lights.
  • The navigation device that shows traffic jams or free routes with red and green roads..
  • In a magazine a chart with red and green diagrams.
These are exactly the situations in which people with a red-green visual impairment desperately try to process this information. The app helps you to recognize the colors quickly and reliably in exactly these situations.

Red-Green Recognition

Point the crosshairs at the spot you want to know if this spot is red or green. If the spot is very small, you can use the zoom to resize the crosshairs . This is especially important because a reliable detection is only possible if as large a part as possible within the crosshair contains the color you are looking for.
In the magnifying glass you can see the area you have targeted with the crosshairs.
If the color red or green dominates in the area you have targeted, this is displayed as text above and below the magnifying glass.

Customized settings

To adjust the color recognition to your individual visual impairment, you have the option of making individual settings for the colors red, orange, brown and green .For these color tones, you can include or exclude individual colors in the color detection.