First steps...

1. The first time you use the app you have to assign the strongest possible password as the master password. This master password is used to encrypt your passwords. Only with the correct master password the correct passwords will be generated for your aliases.
2. Set the desired length (strength) of your generated passwords...
3. enter an alias for your generated password​...
4. copy the password .... now the password to can be "paste" in any other app ... e.g. in Ebay....
Master Passwort

Master Password

The master password

The master password is the basis for your secure passwords. All generated passwords are encrypted with the master password. An alias together with the master password will result in a unique "secure password." The same alias will result a different "secure password" if you use another master password, so the master password is the key to your "secure passwords." The master password should be secret If you change the master password, all generated "secure passwords" will also be changed.This behavior can be used, for example, to renew the "secure passwords" on the basis of your existing aliases Passwords.
For example, with the alias "ebay" results with the master password: "abc" the secure password: "tSwM7TFw". Changing the master password to "cba" the secure password for the alias "ebay" will be: "zfbkKTJA".
The master password is double-encrypted only stored on your device and never shared. This ensures that nobody can generate your "secure passwords" outside your device.

Passwort länge

Password length

You can choose between different "secure password lengths". If you have copied a password for an alias the first time, the next time you use the alias will automatically set the previously used length.

Pasword Alias

Passwort Alias

To generate a password simply type an alias for the password, so you do not always have to remember the complicated password. You are completely free to name your aliases eg:

s"ebay", "ebay (User: xyz)", "Mail (home)", "mail office" or "amazon prime".

Fore each Alias new diffrent secure pasword is generated Whether the uppercase and lowercase letters for the password generation are taken into account can be set via Choose aliases that you can remember best. The easiest way is to use the name of the web site or the app for which the secure password should be used. As soon as you have copied the password for reuse it will be added to the list of aliases. If you want to see the list of the Aliasa you are using, just tap


Reuse secure passwords

If you have already used an alias for a secure password, you simply have to type in the first or the next few letters of the alias for generate the corresponding password and a suitable suggestion from the list of aliases will be displayed and the corresponding "secure password".