Compass Pro

With “Compass Pro” you can orientate yourself optimally at your location. You can see the direction of the compass and match it with the satellite image or the map on the compass. That you know exactly where you are you get the street address, the exact GPS coordinates and the current height above sea level displayed. In addition, the position is displayed in What3Words (w3w) coordinates. To switch between satellite image and map view just tap the compass. You can zoom with the pinch-/spread Gesture or with the slider beneath the Address so that you can orient yourself at certain prominent points. The blue highlighted area indicates the current accuracy.

See informations about "Special Widgets"

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switch to bearing mode by tapping the bearing icon on the Compass Pro main page

Position your bearing target by tapping on the map, or enter the bearing target coordinates at the top of page in GPS, DEG or W3W format.

Start bearing by tapping the "start bearing" button. When bearing is aktive you will see the bearing target direction in the compass map.

If you want to change the map orientation between "north-up" and "course up" tap on on symbol on top right of the map

To switch between map and satellite view, tap anywhere on the map.


Shareing location

tap on the share icon to share your current position with others.

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Change displays

  • Change map dispaly:
    to change between map and satellite view, tap in the center of the compass
  • Change between mph and km/h dispaly:
    to change between mph and km/h display tap on the speed display
  • Change between GPS and grd display:
    to change between GPS and grd display tap on the top of the App the location display