Satellite Finder

The app "Satellite Finder" helps you to quickly and safely align your satellite antenna to the satellite of your choice. First of all you have to select the satellite you want to align your satellite antenna on. Therfore, simply tap on the button and afterwards a list of all satellites witch are available at your location is displayed...

Satellite wählen wählen

...available Satellites

... Just tap the satellite you want to align your antenna on.
Based on the selected satellite, all necessary information for aligning the antenna is displayed.

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... Based on the selected satellite, the compass now displays the satellite at the position where you need to align the satellite antenna. This direction is called azimut. In addition, the angle is displayed by which the antenna must be tilted upwards.

Satellite wählen wählen

Maptype and zooming

use the "Pinch Gesture" to zoom the the map.

Tap on the Kompas to change the maptype...

YouTube Anleitung

In the YouTube video you will find detailed instructions on how to align your satellite antenna with Satellite Finder Pro

Displayed information on Satellite Finder


The angle by which you have to tilt the antenna upwards.


The direction in which the selected satellite is located. You have to turn your antenna in this direction.


The transparent blue triangle shows the current compass accuracy. The more open the triangle is, the less accurate the comapss accuracy is. To improve accuracy, calibrate the phone by moving the phone in the form of an "eight"