Special Widgets

With “Special Widgets”

The "special widgets" serve as a supplement to the functions of the Compass Pro. In detail there are the following widgets:
  •   Air pressure based altimeter (barometric altitude)
  •   Slope meter ( %)
  •   Air pressure display
  •   Inclination display (°)


!!! The special Widget for "Air Pressure" is not available for small devices like IPhone4, IPhone5, IPhone6, IPhone7, IPhone8, IPhoneSE !!!


This display shows you the sea level altitude based on the air pressure. This display is particularly suitable for calculating an altitude figure when no GPS altitude is available. For example, you can use it to determine the height of your location inside a house or tower. Since the air pressure at a location can change due to weather conditions, this altimeter is synchronized with the current GPS altitude when the app is started.

Slope meter

The slope meter is used to indicate the slope of the path or road when walking, cycling or driving a car.
The slope display has two different modes. The probably more useful mode is to calculate the slope based on the altitude difference per distance traveled.
Due to air pressure changes and inaccuracies in GPS distance measurement, unusual variations may be displayed under certain circumstances

Air pressure

Displays the current air pressure in hectopascal (hPa).

Inclination (tilt)

Displays the inclination (tilt) angle of the smartphone with respect to the horizon.

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Configure Slope

The slope display supports two types of slope measurement.

  • Slope measurement based on the device inclination.
  • Slope measurement based on barometric altitude and the GPS distnace.

Measurement by inclination

When measuring based on the devices inclination, the "reactivity" of the display can be adjusted. When the slider is on the right, the reactivity of the display is very sluggish, and becomes more reactive the further the slider is moved to the left.

To measure the slope based on the device inclination, you can set a slope offset based on the current Device inclination.
Measurement based on barometric altitude and the GPS distnace
The slope measurement, based on the barometric altitude, measures the slope based on the air pressure and the GPS distance. This measurement can sometimes provide inaccurate values. This is the case when there are fluctuations in air pressure or the GPS distance cannot be determined precisely due to obstacles.

Configure Altimeter (barometric altitude)

Due to weather-related air pressure fluctuations, the barometric altitude should be synchronized with the GPS altitude when starting the app.
If you set the switch to on

the synchronization is performed at the start of the app.